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De ideeën en oplossingen in deze blog-artikelen maken deel uit van de ISM-methode. This method provides an IT organization with a fully integrated approach. An approach at the strategic, tactical, and operational levels. In ISM, the most practical ideas from ITIL®, Lean, DevOps, and OBM are integrated into one compact and applicable framework. The ISM philosophy is open source and universally applicable. These texts are copyrighted and may be freely distributed with proper attribution.

Holistically cover and manage all activities

The successful creation of customer value demands a complete and compact process model.Complete, to holistically cover and manage all activities on strategical, tactical and operational level.Compact, because complexity cannot be managed by the leaders and applied by...

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Apply a holistic and compact approach

If you really want to create customer value, you have to apply a holistic and compact approach. If it’s not holistic, your design will fail. If it’s not compact, your design can’t be applied. Involve all parties So when you design your IT-organization you have to...

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Processes describe how services are created

Processes don’t stop at borders, they stop when the result is achieved. Processes describe how services are created and should therefore cover the entire IT service delivery chain. The IT-department, the suppliers, and also the customer. End to end IT services use...

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People create services. Processes support People

So when you design processes your goal is that the processes support the professionals to help them to create great services. It’s not the first role of process management to control the professionals but first facilitate them with prepared flows, supporting tools,...

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A proper process model

A proper process model is a co-operation model, essential to realize customer value. It’s not science! It should do the job! Complex models are killing for successful application. It’s not  ideology, it’s about value and result.It’s an important part of the practice...

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Two common failures

Two common failures of process models: Not holistic and too complex. If models are not holistic they miss essential parts, the chain is not complete.If models are too complex they are not applicable and therefore useless. It’s a fragile balance... Use clear goals IT...

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Only results matter

While many of us emphasize the quality of IT services or information systems – and rightfully so – it's ultimately the results that matter most. People design, purchase, build, maintain, restore, and utilize IT services. It's our approach to work that determines the...

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