ITSM User Survey

Know how your customers experience your service

User satisfaction is at the top of the objectives for almost every IT manager. And yet, almost no one has a current insight into how satisfied the end users are now. The latest report is often more than half a year old.

User satisfaction determines the quality of your IT services. By capturing this satisfaction, important steering information is created to improve IT services and to see the effects of choices made. This can be done with the ISM user survey.



In the online ITSM user survey, end users are asked about their experience with the IT services and the IT department. Users can also indicate which points need improvement and provide suggestions and comments. The survey is anonymous, but users can also indicate that they may be contacted for further clarification.


The ITSM user survey is offered online. The results are collected and presented in a comprehensible report by us. If desired, this will be discussed with us to achieve a thorough analysis. Afterwards, action points are distilled and feedback is prepared, which is communicated to the participants and the IT department. To gain a trend-based insight into the development of user satisfaction, the survey can be repeated periodically.


The survey can be conducted once, but it’s much more powerful to repeat it periodically. This can take place once a year, quarter, or month, and we ensure that a user is approached no more than once a year.


Filling out the survey takes no more than 10 minutes. Your effort involves sending out the invitations, discussing the results with Servitect, and communicating with the users and your team.


If you have any questions about the ITSM User Survey, please feel free to contact us:



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