ITSM Dashboard

The ITSM Dashboard quickly and accurately displays all KPIs to managers!

The ITSM dashboard helps (IT) managers quickly gain insight into the performance of their organization. It is a practical steering tool to motivate and adjust service levels, processes, and their teams. In the dashboard, KPIs, performance, and improvement actions come together. As a result, mutual connections become visible.

Unique way

To steer effectively, current and accurate trend information is needed. The ITSM Dashboard uniquely links objectives, KPIs, methodology, team performance, and improvement actions to each other.

The ITSM Dashboard has a logical structure and quickly provides insight into trends and their causes. We carry out dashboard innovations together with the users so that they are practical and quickly available.

Sustained positive effect

Organizations that use the dashboard see results in the short term and state that it has a sustained positive effect on the service, as in the following example: no more tickets without an end date (orange color), the workload decreases, and more reports are processed consistently.



The dashboard is of great added value for managers who want to get a quick overview of the current performance, related to the organizational goals and potential improvement actions.


Through a well-thought-out design, this PowerBi report clearly displays the most important KPIs, performances, and actions.


If you have questions about the ITSM Management Dashboard, please feel free to contact us:


In the videos below, we provide a demo of the ITSM Basic Dashboard and the more comprehensive dashboard. The displayed “Operational Method Dashboard” is one of the overviews available on the comprehensive ITSM dashboard. Additionally, in the second video, you can see how a quick analysis of the workload can be made. 

Video only in Dutch. Click on ‘Watch on YouTube,’ click on the wrench icon, and change the settings for subtitles to your preferred language.

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