ISM Foundation exam training

The ISM exam training aims to prepare the participant optimally for the ISM Foundation exam.

Structure of the ISM Foundation Exam Training

The Exam Training lasts for one half-day and includes an explanation of the exam structure, practicing an exam scenario using a sample exam, and discussing questions about the material.


The Exam Training is provided by ISM training partners who employ certified trainers.


The participant is expected to have prepared for the exam, preferably by attending an ISM Foundation, ITIL-ISM Bridge training, or an ISM Masterclass. Self-study based on the book “The ISM Method” is also an option, but training is recommended.


The Exam Training is based on the syllabus of the ISM Foundation training.


After completing the training, the participant will receive a voucher that grants access to the exam environment. The participant can practice the exam first (up to a maximum of 10 times) and then take the actual exam. The exam is administered by VanHaren Learning Solutions.


If you have any questions about the ISM Foundation exam training, please feel free to contact us.


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