ISM Masterclass

Who is the ISM Masterclass intended for?

The ISM Masterclass is the leadership training for IT managers, process managers, and ITSM consultants. The aim of the ISM Masterclass is to provide participants with a thorough understanding of the IT service management field and the developments it is undergoing. Additionally, participants gain a deep understanding of the role that ISM plays in this context. This understanding is the beginning of mastery. The Masterclass also addresses the key principles of ISM.

Training Outcome
IT service management is undergoing significant changes. This demands a lot from the leaders. How do you create an environment in which IT services are delivered to meet high customer expectations? What requirements does that place on operations, as well as on tactical and strategic deployment?

How do you effectively use ITIL, DevOps, Agile, Lean, Kanban, OBM? How do you handle Customer Value, Servant Leadership, Co-creation, positive reinforcement, the change funnel, sequential work? How do you combine functional and technical management? Topics that a modern IT leader must be familiar with and able to handle.

The Masterclass provides participants with insights into Leadership in Modern Service Management. In a structured manner, using the ISM method, all developments are related to each other, and you are provided with practical tools on how to handle them.

Leaders in IT need to create an environment where professionals can perform at their best. In IT organizations, Modern Service Management is indispensable. Therefore, as a leader, you need a deep and thorough understanding of the IT service management field.

Practical Information
The ISM Masterclass lasts for 3 consecutive days, divided into 8 sessions. There are 15 spots available per Masterclass. Participants who have successfully completed the ISM Masterclass receive a certificate and are listed in the ISM register. In addition, if they add the training to their LinkedIn profile, the corresponding certificate badge will be displayed on their LinkedIn profile. The cost for the ISM Masterclass is €3,754 per participant, excluding VAT. This price includes study materials, two nights’ accommodation, and all other living expenses.
Level: Bachelor’s degree



Leaders in IT need to create an environment where professionals can perform at their best. In IT organizations, Modern Service Management is indispensable. Therefore, as a leader, you need a deep and thorough understanding of the IT service management field.


The ISM Masterclass is aimed at (IT) managers, process managers, team leaders, and consultants.


An active and inspiring Masterclass lasting 3 consecutive days, filled with training, discussion, exercises, and conversations. With a maximum of 15 participants. Participants who have successfully completed the ISM Masterclass receive a certificate and can be listed in the ISM Register.
The training is conducted in Dutch.


In the beautiful nature of the Holterberg, you’ll find the Hotel Restaurant Hoog Holten. In this serene and beautiful environment, we will work intensively together.

The cost

The cost for the Masterclass is €3,754 per participant, excluding VAT but including two nights’ accommodation and all other living expenses.
If your organization has an ISM license, a 20% discount applies.


You can register for the Masterclass using the registration form.


If you have questions about the ISM Masterclass, please feel free to contact us:

The Lead Instructors
Wim Hoving
He is known for his challenging narratives, his aversion to sacred cows, and his innovative drive to make IT service management serve the business. He has been actively involved in numerous service management implementations for over 20 years. Over the last 10 years, primarily using the ISM method, which he co-developed. His motivation is to give management organizations control over their methods, so they can gain and retain satisfied customers. Learn to work and grow with a single service-oriented integrated method. Helping teams evolve into professional service providers.
Wim frequently speaks about ITSM, writes books, publishes articles and blogs, and co-leads the ISM Masterclasses with Robbert-jan van Lippevelde.

Robbert-jan van Lippevelde
Image Responsible for the quality of Servitect’s services and the further development of the ISM implementation method. Author of the ISM Implementation Method. Lead developer of the ISM compliance tool. Additionally, he is involved as a project leader, trainer, or change manager in many transformation projects aiming to create successful service-providing organizations based on the ISM method.

Training Schedule

MAART 2024

ISM Foundation - 25 and 26 maart, online ENGLISH => please contact to subscribe.

MEI 2024

ISM Foundation - 13 and 14 mei, online ENGLISH => please contact to subscribe.

JUNI 2024

ISM Masterclass - 4, 5 en 6 juni, Holten.


ISM Masterclass - 17, 18 en 19 september, Holten.


ISM Masterclass - 19, 20 en 21 november, Holten.

Highly Valued

The Masterclass is consistently highly rated: the last 49 masterclasses received an average rating of 8.4.


Feedback from participants:

“What energy! It’s amazing how Wim managed to engage everyone for the full 3 days. Wim could speak about everything off the top of his head, and when needed, he was assisted by his sidekick, Rolf. A great combination! Anyone involved with ICT processes should take this Masterclass.”

– Jeroen van Wijngaarden –
ROC Midden Nederland

“ISM is PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT and not bureaucracy!”

– Wim Wubs –
Koninklijke Visio

“The training is suitable for anyone working within an IT department and who wants insight into the department’s methods. It looks at the management of the department, but also at the underlying processes and the implications of process-oriented work within a department.”

– Participant of the ISM Masterclass –

“This training provides insight into how a service-providing department can be managed. It’s not just about IT organizations, but about service provision in general.”

– Participant of the ISM Masterclass –


Margreet van den Bogaert, Lucero IT Control:

“Another fantastic masterclass. I can vouch for it because I was there. Informative, relatable, and especially interesting!”

Robert-Jan Jacobs, De IT Regisseur:

“A pragmatic, insightful training.”

Jack Knubben, Atrium MC:

“Deep and very enlightening.”

Diderik Lock, Lock Business:


Rob Smit, VCD:

“Thank you for the enthusiastic and inspiring days.”

Wouter Stoit, Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs/DUO:

“ISM is a lifestyle.”

Robert Lammé, TwinBizz:

“The professional and pragmatic way to implement Service Management Processes à la ITIL in your organization.”

Marten Vogelaar, Capgemini:

“ISM: Integrating, Bringing Together, Participating.”

Jan Heunks, MCS:

“Despite having extensive knowledge and experience in IT Service Management, from the pragmatism of the framework and method, it’s a must for the manager of the future.”

Barrie van Haarlem, VCD Infra Solutions:

“ISM Masterclass, because you didn’t really think you knew everything, did you?”

Geert van Atteveld, De IT Regisseur:

“Concrete, applicable, and inspiring.”

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