ITSM compliancy tool

Quick control over information security

Translating standard texts from ISO27001, BIO, NEN7510, or Cobit into concrete actions is complex and time-consuming. Additionally, these actions need to be distributed across the workflow. With the web-based ITSM compliance tool, your organization can easily and proactively meet the requirements. The tool provides a clear overview of the activities that need to take place to meet the requirements.

It also becomes clear who is responsible for overseeing these activities. This elaboration aligns with the already existing IT processes. If you need to comply with multiple standards, you will see where they overlap, and you can meet multiple standards with one set of actions. The accompanying monitor provides current insight into the status and promotes quality awareness. This way, you gain control over information security.



Information security standards describe a large number of requirements. To comply with these, many setup and implementation activities must take place. Describing and managing these activities is specialized work and takes a lot of time. The ITSM compliance tool indicates for the main standards which activities an IT organization must carry out to meet this quality standard. The tool also indicates which IT process and official are responsible for the correct setup, existence, and operation. As a result, the implementation aligns with the existing workflow of the IT organization. The monitor in the tool provides a current view of the extent to which the organization already meets the requirements, which enhances awareness. With the compliance tool, you not only save a lot of time but also costs. This way, meeting the requirements becomes much simpler and an integral part of the workflow.


All organizations that need and want to comply with one or more information security standards.


The ITSM compliance tool is a web application in which the applicable standards for you are made accessible, and the activities are linked to the responsible processes and officials. The monitor can be incorporated into the ITSM management dashboard.


The ITSM compliance tool can be used by any IT organization, even if they do not use the ISM method or have an ISM license.


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