ISM makes ITIL applicable.

Integration of Agile, DevOps, and process-oriented working.
Discover the ISM process model.

Servitect is sponsor and developer of the ISM method®

Optimal service delivery through professional collaboration.

IT services must be reliable and flexible, and delivered efficiently and securely. In summary, IT services must deliver Customer Value.

This Customer Value is created through active collaboration between the customer, IT professionals, and executives. ISM organizes and strengthens this collaboration with a results-oriented approach, supported by an extensive set of integrated products and services.

ISM, a standard solution with a practical vision

IT services are created in the same way everywhere; they are designed, built, delivered, and repaired if necessary. This approach can therefore be largely standardized.

Solutions only work if they are easily applicable and useful for all those involved. Therefore, we integrate in ISM the best ideas and solutions from ITIL, DevOps, agile, Lean, and OBM into one compact and integrated solution that is quickly operational.

ISM takes care of professionals and management.

ISM takes care of professionals and management and provides control over service delivery. Above all, ISM offers organizations the opportunity to grow at their own pace. How can ISM help me? What is the idea behind ISM? What is the result? You can find the answers to these questions and more here.


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What is ISM

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What is ISM?

ISM is an innovative control mechanism that fully organizes the operation of IT management. It allows IT managers to collaborate better, through applied standard processes, management direction, and tool setup.

People, Process and Product

All the resources deployed by the IT department – People, Process, and Product – are coordinated and managed in conjunction. Questions and requests from customers, as well as projects, are handled uniformly. As a result, handling complies with compliance and security rules, and escalations and reporting are always done in the same way.


By organizing all the work of the IT department in one compact way, a sense of calm and cohesion is created that benefits the service delivery.

Read the answers to the most frequently asked questions about ISM here.


Only results matter.

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A proper process model

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Processes describe how services are created

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Whitepaper ISM Process Model

This download, the ISM process model, describes in more than 70 pages at the tactical and operational level the design of the basic processes for the execution of technical management.

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