ISM Foundation: The Practical Alternative to ITIL

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A successful collaborating team has one goal, language, and foundational approach. The ISM Foundation training provides the fundamental knowledge required for that.

The language spoken in IT departments is traditionally formed by ITIL and increasingly by DevOps. In the ISM Foundation training, the comprehensive ITIL knowledge, including 34 practices, is condensed and integrated into the 7 core processes that are present in every IT department. This focus emphasizes the subjects and practical concepts that are used daily. The essence of modern service management is presented in a logical coherence, including processes, Customer Value, DevOps, etc., and is enriched with practical tips and tricks by trainers with extensive practical experience. Through straightforward explanations, participants gain an understanding of the interplay of IT department tasks and learn to use a unified conceptual framework and language. ISM forms the foundation for the application of ITIL and DevOps, focusing on the core of IT Service Management and thus serving as the practical alternative.

Training Outcome
A successfully collaborating team recognizes the purpose of IT service delivery and the methodology that leads to it. It speaks a common language and shares the same conceptual framework. Acquiring this foundational knowledge is the outcome of this practical ISM Foundation training.

The practices of IT departments have been shaped by ITIL, but over the years, various methods, techniques, and approaches have been added, such as DevOps, Agile, Lean, and Experience Management. This has led the field to become increasingly mature. Therefore, we also refer to it as Modern Service Management. In ISM, this comes together in a practical and applicable form. The operating model describes how the service delivery is established. This includes, among other things, the process model with the 7 core processes and the 3 value streams, as well as the organization’s structure and the role of the customer and suppliers.

The Operating model is also covered: How is an IT organization governed, what are the goals, how do you recognize the outcomes, and how can an organization grow in quality.

Practical Information
The ISM Foundation training lasts for 4 sessions. The training is offered through open registration, both online and onsite. The training can also take place in-house.
For each onsite training, there are 6 to 15 spots available. Participants in an ISM Foundation training have the option to conclude the training with an optional and independent ISM Foundation exam.



Those with solid ITSM knowledge will perform better and collaborate more effectively with colleagues who possess the same knowledge. Work faster, with less discussion and consultation.


All components are covered in a 2-day training. Not only in the classroom format but also through group and individual exercises. The instructors all come from practical backgrounds, have experienced how ISM works, and possess numerous practical examples. This results in a highly valued training.

The ISM Foundation training is a good preparation for the (optional) ISM Foundation exam. With the additional exam training, you’ll be thoroughly prepared.


Everyone working in an IT organization knows the importance of speaking the same language. Therefore, the training is aimed at individuals who have a role within an IT management organization.


The training is offered by various training providers in an open enrollment format, available both online and onsite. The training can also be organized in-house for 6 to 15 individuals.

The cost

The investment for the two-day open enrollment is € 975,- including courseware book and ISM Method V5 book. Temporary offer of € 695,-. The investment for a two-day in-house training starts from € 352,- per person.
If your company has an ISM license, a discount of 20% applies.


The ISM Foundation training is a good preparation for the (optional) ISM Foundation exam. With the additional exam training, you’ll be thoroughly prepared. The exam is administered by VanHaren Learning Solutions institute.


If you have any questions about the ISM Foundation training, please feel free to contact us and inquire about the options:


Training Schedule

Servitect en partners verzorgen onderstaande trainingen

JUNE / JUNI 2024

ISM Masterclass Nederlandse vlag 4, 5 and 6 June (in Holten) DUTCH, Servitect => (full)


ISM Foundation Nederlandse vlag 8 and 9 August, online DUTCH, Servitect => enroll


ISM Masterclass Nederlandse vlag 17, 18 and 19 September (in Holten) DUTCH, Servitect => enroll


ISM Foundation Nederlandse vlag 31 October and 9 November, online DUTCH, Servitect => enroll


ISM Foundation 7 and 8 November, online ENGLISH, Global Knowledge => enroll

ISM Masterclass Nederlandse vlag 19, 20 en 21 November (in Holten) DUTCH, Servitect => enroll


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