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Wim Hoving

Architect ISM-methode

Enhancing Service Processes for Optimal Care Delivery

At Ipse de Bruggen, we understand the critical role efficient service management plays in delivering exceptional care. That’s why our IT department and Service Desk have embarked on a journey to elevate our operations using TOPdesk and ISM methodologies. Our aim? To streamline documentation, standardize workflows, and gain comprehensive insights into our service management processes and outcomes—all with the ultimate goal of better serving our dedicated healthcare professionals. This endeavor has not only been successful but also holds promise for IT managers seeking similar enhancements in their organizations.


For years, we have relied on TOPdesk to manage incidents, implement changes, and resolve IT issues efficiently. However, recognizing the need for refinement, we identified areas for improvement. Our processes lacked clarity, roles were often ambiguous, and workflow standardization was inconsistent. Additionally, gaining insights into our workload was a challenge we needed to address.

Efficiënte implementaties

In response, we undertook a strategic redesign of our service management processes within TOPdesk, leveraging the ISM Method guided by our trusted partner, Servitect. The ISM Method, derived from ITIL and DevOps standards, provided a robust framework that seamlessly integrated with TOPdesk, offering a concise set of processes and comprehensive dashboarding capabilities. This standardized approach facilitated a swift and efficient implementation, ensuring all aspects—from people and resources to regulations and reporting—were meticulously addressed.

All processes clear

The results have been transformative. Our service management processes are now meticulously documented, seamlessly integrated, and fully supported within TOPdesk. From incident reporting to equipment requests, every step is clearly defined, ensuring swift resolution and improved response times. Notably, our lead times have been significantly reduced, enabling us to expedite critical processes such as equipment provisioning, ultimately enhancing employee productivity.

Moreover, the structured change management process has instilled greater control and compliance, aligning with industry standards such as the NEN 7510. By integrating with external systems, such as our network security monitoring, we’ve enhanced efficiency and accuracy in handling tickets, further bolstering our cybersecurity posture.

Equipment transparent

With all IT assets now tracked in TOPdesk, we have gained invaluable insights into our equipment inventory. This visibility enables prompt troubleshooting and resolution, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency.

Well-founded decisions

The ISM management dashboard provides comprehensive analytics, empowering us to monitor and fine-tune processes continually. From identifying bottlenecks to evaluating workload distribution and costs, this data-driven approach enables us to make informed decisions and prioritize initiatives effectively. For instance, our pilot with a software robot for password resets exemplifies how insights from TOPdesk inform strategic decisions, resulting in tangible improvements in service delivery.

Satisfied employees

Ultimately, our focus remains on delivering exceptional care to our clients. By optimizing our service management processes, we not only enhance employee satisfaction but also improve the quality of care we provide. As we expand the use of TOPdesk and ISM across our organization, including functional managers, we are committed to fostering a culture of excellence and continuous improvement.

Join us in revolutionizing service management and unlocking new possibilities for delivering outstanding care. Together, let’s elevate our operations and empower our teams to achieve excellence in healthcare delivery.


Ipse de Bruggen is one of the largest care providers in South Holland, offering care to people with a mild intellectual or multiple disabilities for over a hundred years. They can turn to Ipse de Bruggen for housing, work, learning, and relaxation. The care organization employs over 5,500 staff members and 2,200 volunteers. Together, they assist nearly 5,700 individuals with intellectual disabilities. Ipse de Bruggen operates 400 locations, including 3 estates. The care provider’s Jostiband Orchestra is world-famous.

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