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Results-Oriented Methodology & Compliance with NEN7510: A Case Study from St. Antonius Hospital’s I&I Department

The Information & Informatics (I&I) Department at St. Antonius Hospital (SAZ) sought to enhance customer satisfaction and foster better collaboration within the team. Following a merger and the adoption of a new Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, the department faced the challenge of integrating disparate working methods. The need for performance insights, rapid outcomes, and adherence to NEN7510 standards was paramount. This case study outlines how the Integrated Service Management (ISM) approach facilitated these objectives, detailing the outcomes achieved and the experiences of those involved.


The ambition was to standardize our approach to service delivery, ensuring a cohesive operation across IT teams. The diversity in operational methods among teams hindered synergy, necessitating a unified working methodology. Furthermore, the department aimed to replace its existing ITSM tool with one that was more consistent across the hospital.

St. Antonius Hospital’s Prerequisites:
– Leveraging established best practices without reinventing the wheel
– Incorporating NEN7510 standards into the operational framework
– Standardizing ITSM tool design
– Implementing accessible reports and dashboards

The decision to adopt the ISM methodology was supported unanimously by the staff, leading to a collaborative effort with Servitect to spearhead this transformation. “Our goal is to continuously elevate the quality of our services,” the department asserts.


The journey towards service improvement is ongoing, driven by the imperative to meet the evolving needs of healthcare with agility and efficiency. Regular satisfaction surveys among users have become a cornerstone in this endeavor. The shift towards a results-oriented improvement strategy has not only enhanced performance insights but also bolstered inter-team collaboration. The ITSM tool replacement, aligned with the ISM framework from the outset, facilitated a smoother transition, minimizing internal debates and workload. Servitect’s proactive engagement was instrumental in the successful adoption of ISM, offering swift, precise solutions to arising challenges. “The targeted approach and reflective practices were particularly impactful,” remarks Jeroen Bolenius, a management team member at St. Antonius Hospital.


The project marked a significant leap in refining operational methodologies. The ISM framework acted as a catalyst, simplifying the compliance with stringent standards such as NEN7510 and Horizontal Monitoring. A mere six months post-implementation, an external audit affirmed the department’s compliance, awarding the NEN7510 certification. User satisfaction has since improved to an average score of 7.5, with ongoing efforts to maintain and exceed this standard in partnership with Servitect.

The Rationale:

The initiation of ISM clarified the imperative for change, fostering broader organizational buy-in by elucidating the ‘why’ behind these transformations. The ISM Management Model delineates IT objectives into actionable team and process performance metrics, facilitating service excellence for the end-user.



About St. Antonius Hospital:

Founded in 1910 by five pioneering physicians and the Sisters of Charity, St. Antonius Hospital has evolved into a leading healthcare institution in central Netherlands. Specializing in cardiology, pulmonology, and oncology, the hospital emphasizes collaborative patient care, empowering individuals in their health management. Today, St. Antonius stands as a major healthcare provider, employing a dedicated team across multiple locations.

The ISM Method: A Catalyst for Agile and Compliant Service Delivery

The ISM Method offers a comprehensive solution for service organizations, streamlining operations with standardized processes, management controls, and tool designs, while embracing Agile methodologies. It ensures a cohesive approach to customer inquiries and project management, aligning with compliance and security mandates. This holistic strategy not only enhances service delivery but also instills a sense of calm and coherence across the organization.


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