Customer Case Dijklander Hospital

Wim Hoving

Architect ISM-methode

Achieving Tangible Competence for Dijklander Hospital

In the fast-paced and demanding environment of healthcare, it’s imperative to operate with a unified approach and efficiency. Dijklander Hospital faced this challenge head-on. Ensuring compliance with NEN7510 standards was also a critical aspect of their operations.
What did the implementation of the Integrated Services Management (ISM) framework signify for this merged hospital? It meant gaining rapid control over IT management, facilitated by a proven methodology and guided by seasoned consultants.
Nic Kaldenbach, the Manager of the IT department at Dijklander Hospital, emphasized the necessity of ISM in bringing organizational order.


The IT department of the merged hospital lacked uniformity in its operations, a scenario likely familiar to many. Varied work methods led to disruptions when employees went on leave, causing delays in tasks. Priority often went to the loudest voice. How does one establish consistency in such an environment?

Demonstrable Competence

Another challenge for Dijklander Hospital was demonstrating competence. Following the merger, the hospital received directives from regulatory bodies regarding medical technology standards, necessitating swift and accurate action. Ensuring compliance with NEN7510 was equally imperative. Thanks to ISM implementation, these issues were swiftly addressed, resulting in the removal of regulatory directives within six months.

ISM Implementation

The decision to adopt ISM was swiftly endorsed by the management team due to its proven effectiveness. Servitect’s assistance was instrumental in aligning ISM with the hospital’s specific requirements.


Vast Experience with ISM

The ICT department had attempted methodical operations following ITIL practices. However, the intricate nature of ITIL often proved cumbersome and theoretical. ISM, on the other hand, provides a wealth of practical experience, making it more pragmatic. Teams now operate systematically and methodically, with defined roles and clear expectations, allowing for a sharper focus on substantive issues.

Utilizing Ultimo

Integrating the ISM module into Ultimo provided the hospital with enhanced reporting capabilities and a prioritized task list, offering management greater oversight and employees clearer directives. Improved communication fosters transparency, benefiting both internal stakeholders and patients.

Dijklander Hospital’s Requirements
• Unified work methodology
• Solution for NEN7510 compliance
• Proven methodology
• Alignment with Lean principles
• Access to experienced consultants
• Enhanced departmental control


Enhanced Control

Since its implementation in January 2018, ISM has yielded tangible results. Enhanced insight into operational bottlenecks, better task management, comprehensive data, and improved structure have all contributed to greater control, acknowledged across the organization.

Quality and Trust

Defined roles, improved documentation, and prioritized task handling have reduced complaints, incident rates, and turnaround times, leading to improved service quality. Enhanced communication fosters trust, and ISM aids in maintaining NEN7510 compliance, simplifying audit processes. With a more structured approach, the management team can focus on substantive matters.


The pragmatic approach and standardized methodology instill confidence throughout the organization, ensuring compliance, providing greater management control, and ultimately leading to cost savings.

Future Prospects

Expanding the ISM framework to other departments, such as Functional Management and Medical Technology, promises to further streamline operations, enhancing the organization’s efficiency.


The introduction of ISM clarified the importance of change and garnered? widespread support. Understanding the rationale behind the transformation fosters alignment and enables effective organizational steering.


Dijklander Hospital is evolving to become more patient-centric and efficient, driven by a commitment to excellence. With ISM, it’s not just about addressing current challenges but also preparing for future advancements. If your organization seeks similar outcomes, embracing ISM could be the decisive step towards achieving operational excellence.

Contact us today to explore how we can tailor ISM to suit your organization’s needs.


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