Managing processes does fail in most organizations

Wim Hoving

Architect ISM-methode

In many organizations, process management often falls short. The main reason? Processes are not taken seriously. For sure, everybody is saying the right thing, they really do think processes are important, but just not that important.

7 processes will do the job

Besides an overly complex process model, bad leadership is the main reasons for the failure of service delivery.It’s no so hard to create a simple but holistic process model. 7 processes will do the job. The issue is how to get them working.

How to manage them?

Processes, combined with People and Product, are the organizational resources of the practice, or way of working, of an IT organization. Processes are always there. Both in chaos situations as in highly agile working environments. The real question is: how to manage them?Processes are NOT the same as a department, they apply to everyone in the IT-organization. Therefore, you have to make clear decisions on the role of both process and line management.

Manage by promoting

You can decide not to manage your processes at all, you can choose to describe them, or even to support them. You can manage them by promoting them, pushing them, or even impose them. Choose whatever fits your organization.Most choices are good ones, a bad choice is an unclear, complex or not applied choice. And if processes fail, the IT service delivery fails and the IT management fails.So whatever you choose, take yourself seriously, and act according to your decision.And if you can’t manage 7 processes, don’t even think of more…





Wim Hoving

(Result-oriented connector
of People and Process,
architect of the ISM Method)

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