ISM Usage and Support License

Access to integrated resources and specialized support.

ISM is a structured method to organize and simplify the governance and delivery of IT services. Around the method, a large number of products and services have been developed that support the application of ISM. To use these products, an ISM usage and support license is required, granting the user the right to use, receive updates, and basic ISM support.



Developments and improvements frequently lead to updates of the purchased products, which are made available to license holders. To make optimal use of the purchased products, updates, ISM support, and regular contact are essential.


The ISM license applies to organizations that have purchased and wish to use ISM products. A license must be obtained for each user.


The license grants the right to use, receive updates, and get support for the purchased services and products, for example:
• The ISM framework
• The periodic user satisfaction survey
• Process and availability reports
• The ISM Management Dashboard
• The ISM Compliance Tool (such as NEN7510, BIO, ISO27001, and COBIT)
• Et cetera


ISM products and services can be purchased either individually or combined in a seat, per IT employee. A seat includes a fixed set of basic products. The license fee is calculated based on the total number of seats and individually purchased products.


If you have questions about the ISM Usage and Support License, please feel free to contact us:


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